SAVANNAH BEE 12oz. Tower Pump

SAVANNAH BEE 12oz. Tower Pump

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Finally, there's an easy way to dispense nature's gold from our 20oz honey container! Savannah Bee Company's Honey Pump releases just the right amount every time. This pump's countertop convenience is perfect for the serious honey lover and works with any one of our 20oz honeys. Honey NOT included.

Our Honey Pump is the perfect partner for our 12oz honey jars. No more sticky spills! No more overflowing spoons! No more wiping drippy jars! Our pump releases just the right amount every time -- and in the right place. That's clean and convenient.

Some assembly is required, and by that we mean there is a little plastic tube you'll need to connect to the pump before inserting the pump into the jar. Attach using the flat end of the tube. The angled end should be at the bottom of the jar. Rinse and let drip dry completely before using.

Can I use this pump with Whipped Honeys? Nope. They don't fit on those wider jars and the Whipped Honeys are too thick to move through the pump. We recommend using one of our spatulas instead.